Selecting the right executive coach or training program is an important decision and not always an easy one.

Whatever your goals, you want a coach/program with experience and happy, satisfied clients. Here is what several industry leaders had to say about working with Brian Kinahan and using his training:


Lou Rabon, CEO, Cyber Defense Group

Lou was struggling on where to focus his energy to have the most impact. He felt stuck working in the business vs. on the business. Hear what specific tools Lou discusses about how, by using The Big Six he saw a 300% increase in revenues.

Progressive Impact

Bryan Vifquain, CEO, Edco

Bryan’s company was growing but everyone was stressed. He was constantly putting out fires and struggling to maintain profitability.

Hear how The Big Six helped him create tremendous improvements in performance, culture and value of his employees and how the processes eased the stress of him and his managers. Plus he’s seen revenues skyrocket and profits steadily improve over the years.

Long-term Impact

Alex Ismail, CEO, Liberty Paper

Alex was feeling overwhelmed, working a lot of hours and not being effective. He knew he had to make a change and needed to learn new skills.

Listen to the groundbreaking tools he implemented to double his business, give him more time and how the morale of his employees is the highest he’s ever experienced.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Explore actual results that companies have realized as a part of our coaching portfolios.

"Brian gave us a critical boost to move our business toward realizing its full potential. With his help and guidance, we established a clear strategic focus and a better way to run our business. I recommend Brian to all leaders who are serious about delivering great performance."
K. W.
Clinic Director Plum Spring Clinic, Integrated Medical Care
“I have worked with Brian for a while and I can’t think of a better coach. Without his on-point questions, caring challenges, and powerful guidance we would not have turned our million dollar plus annual loss into a substantial profit. Thank you, Brian.”
B. W. COO Carolina Center for Medical Excellence
B. W.
COO Carolina Center for Medical Excellence
"Brian was extremely successful in putting in place a disciplined management system to change the destiny of our company. A big standing ovation goes out to Brian!"
M. D. CEO Barco Uniforms
M. D.
CEO Barco Uniforms
"Brian has proven beyond valuable in helping my company implement a powerful set of management practices that have significantly improved how we do things and the results we generate. On top of that, Brian’s CEO group serves as my private board of advisors - always present to assist in both personal and professional matters. We are a stronger, more profitable company because of the guidance and support we get from Brian and the group."
M. E.
"Engaging Brian and becoming part of his CEO Roundtable is the single best thing I’ve done for my business in years. Brian is an exceptional group leader and our coaching sessions are fantastic for developing strategy, building necessary business practices, and upgrading my leadership skills. In the 3+ years I’ve been with Brian, my business has almost doubled. If you want to grow personally, professionally, and financially, this is the way to go!"
Jason Gilbert CEO ClearFuze
J. G.
CEO ClearFuze
“I had grown my furniture business successfully for several years, but was feeling stuck. I was referred to Brian who has been a tremendous help. His knowledge, experience, commitment, and enthusiasm have revitalized me and my business. Mostly he’s helped me address what “I didn’t know that I didn’t know” and to begin putting into place the foundational practices that make everything run more smoothly with less direct involvement from me. It’s exciting and I’m very grateful."
I. M. CEO Sunbeam Vintage, Mid Century Furniture
I. M.
CEO Sunbeam Vintage, Mid Century Furniture
"I am very thankful to Brian for helping our company and me through a difficult time and for bringing a higher level of business sophistication to our organization. With his guidance we established many new practices that led to a nearly doubling of revenues and profits. He is energetic, positive, personable, and professional. He can dream big, translate that dream into concrete steps, and then lead a team of people to reach their desired outcome."
John Crumpler Chairman Southlight Healthcare
J. C.
Chairman SouthLight, Inc.
"Brian has brought a level of expertise and knowledge to our business planning and operations that has resulted in double digit growth over the past couple years. His ability to find and focus on core issues in each situation, collect supporting information, and guide us in the right direction has been invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Brian and his CEO Roundtables to any CEO who is serious about growing their business and themselves."
B. V.
"We were reluctant to establish ambitious goals because we weren't confident in our ability to reach them. Now, thanks to Brian, we have increased our ambition, developed a great strategy that can be measured, and improved our overall business operating system. The results speak for themselves. We are now achieving our most ambitious goals."
J. R.
Jr., Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer IGO Insurance Agency, Inc.,
"I have worked with Brian for several years and in that short time his business guidance has made me a significantly more confident and successful CEO. Highly effective!"
“In just a few meetings with Brian’s CEO group, I am seeing very positive results and a clear pathway to growing my company faster. I’m very happy with Brian’s leadership!”
S. R.
CEO Transhire
“Brian helped me to rethink and upgrade my business. I can say for sure that he knows his stuff. It is a pleasure working with him and he is excellent with across-the-board business practices. I especially like the Strategy Map we put together."
D. F.
CEO Fenton & Ross
"Brian is a highly effective businessman who brings positive energy and a wealth of knowledge and experience to every situation and challenge. He possesses a rare combination of skills. He is great at long term goal setting and also excellent at operating details, budgets, performance analysis, and reporting."
T. C.
CEO SouthLight, Inc.
"Brian has been an invaluable part of my growth as a CEO and leader of my company. He and fellow members of my CEO Roundtable help me make the right decisions and keep my focus on the top priorities in my business."
"The monthly CEO group meetings allowed me to share my challenges with other CEOs and discover solutions in my distribution business that I would not have found otherwise. I’m very grateful to Brian for leading the group and for his expertise and coaching. Brian has a knack for simplifying complex issues and helping us solve difficult challenges with actionable solutions."
C. B.
CEO Riley Life Logistics
"Brian has helped us revitalize our family-owned fashion jewelry business using his Big Six framework. We've upgraded so many aspects of our business including reporting and budgeting, strategy, planning, project implementation, organizational development, process mapping, and organization-wide meeting rhythm. Other key areas like branding, training, and performance management are currently "under construction". We're already reaping the benefits of our work to date and we're very excited to be laying the foundation for faster growth and more profits."
R. S.
CEO and Marsha Vifquain, EVP Edco Inc., Fashion Jewelry
"I wanted to work ON my business, not just IN it. Brian helped me do that with great success. With his guidance we put together a whole new set of business practices that not only got us growing again, but also increased our profitability. Today we’re doing twice the volume and our profits have more than doubled. In the process I developed new perspectives and skills that today are serving both my business and my personal life. I highly recommend Brian and his Big Six Boot Camp, coaching, and CEO groups to any business owner or CEO who is determined to succeed."
M. V.
"We asked Brian to identify the inefficiencies and opportunities within our business and to develop goals and a roadmap to address them. He was especially helpful in identifying sources of waste and inefficiency. After we made the required changes to our operations we saw a quick and dramatic increase in our profit margin from 2% to 8%. Brian is easy to work with, easy to understand, and an excellent coach. He quickly established himself as our "go to" advisor and has made the company much stronger, more efficient and more profitable."
A. L.
COO Calibrate, Inc.
"The success our company is experiencing today is directly related to Brian's contribution. We now use a strategic management approach to focus our entire organization - down to every associate - on the strategic inputs and competencies that have the greatest impact on our desired customer and financial outcomes. As a result, we’ve improved operating income by 100% in large part by focusing our sales and marketing efforts on our most profitable customers and product lines.”
J. V.
Co-founder & CEO Stockton Graham & Company
"Brian’s ability to analyze a situation and synthesize a road map to success was better than impressive – it was successful. He has impressed us all with his intelligence, inquisitiveness, perspicacity, and persistence. He walks his talk, is without artifice, and he is always honest and direct with a penetrating intelligence and sound judgment. I can recommend no other individual more highly."
J. L.
CEO CASTLE Worldwide, Inc.
"Brian did an excellent job. He helped us see things more clearly which caused us to refocus our strategy on our most productive markets, to place greater emphasis on our most profitable customers, and to direct our sales efforts at a higher organizational level. In addition, our Strategy Map and associated strategic initiatives drove improvements in areas of our business that really mattered. As a result of his involvement our financial performance began improving almost immediately!”
S. S.
CEO Performance Impact
“Brian led a breakthrough strategy development process that revealed what we need to do to reach the next level of growth and profitability. Now, the entire company is focused on what really matters and our new business practices have helped us achieve our goals .”
M. B.
President Starpoint Global Services
“Brian's method has been instrumental in helping us retool our strategy and develop a more focused and systematic approach to our business. It is the foundation of our current success.”
H. K.
CEO Bandwidth.com
“Brian will make your business better, you a better leader, and your employees will be much happier working in a company that is well organized and set up to succeed - systematically. ”
S. W.
Owner Hill, Chesson & Woody
"It would be hard to overstate how clarifying and productive the process of working with Brian has been. We began with an overall company assessment that gave us amazing insight into our performance and culture. Working from those insights we drilled down and identified which components of our strategy and our business were working and which ones were not. Now we measure performance effectively and know where to make changes when we fall short. Most importantly, the senior team and the staff feel much more in control! We are not only seeing a significant impact on our bottom line but we're being approached by eager, credible buyers - which was always our goal."
J. C.
CEO Isoph Inc.
"Brian has done an excellent job helping us develop a strategy and align our corporate initiatives, processes, people, and budgets so that we are much more effective. He combines the requisite expertise and professionalism with a style that energizes our people and gets results. Our priorities are clearer, our people are more engaged, and we’re much more profitable now than ever before."
C. R.

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