The Six Strategies Top CEOs Use To
Transform & Grow Without Complexity

These core pillars enable Fortune 500 companies to grow faster and increase revenue year over year.

In this brand new guide, you will discover:

  • Little-known secrets that let you run a self-sufficient company.
  • How 1 simple plan will lead you to faster progress.
  • How to build a high performance and motivated …“A” team.
  • Can simple and repeatable processes give your company automatic success? Find out under Pillar 4.
  • A NEW way to see your numbers and turn them into your secret weapon.
  • The 3 KEYS to having efficient meetings that don’t waste time.
  • And so much more…



Lou Rabon, CEO, Cyber Defense Group

Lou was struggling on where to focus his energy to have the most impact. He felt stuck working in the business vs. on the business. Hear what specific tools Lou discusses about how, by using The Big Six he saw a 300% increase in revenues.


Bryan Vifquain, CEO, Edco

Hear how The Big Six helped him create tremendous improvements in performance, culture and value of his employees and how the processes eased the stress of him and his managers. Plus he’s seen revenues skyrocket and profits steadily improve over the years.


Alex Ismail, CEO, Liberty Paper

Alex was feeling overwhelmed, working a lot of hours and not being effective. He knew he had to make a change and needed to learn new skills.

Listen to the groundbreaking tools he implemented to double his business, give him more time and how the morale of his employees is the highest he’s ever experienced.

Meet The Coach

For over two decades, Brian has been helping CEOs be and do their best. To bring his proven approach to companies all over the world he created CEO Mastery with CEO Academy, CEO Roundtables, and CEO Personal Coaching. Business is Brian’s “golf.”  He’d rather help CEOs than do just about anything else. 

Before dedicating himself to helping CEOs Brian spent 15 years leading companies as CEO, President and COO. He brings 40+ years of experience, including 25+ years of guiding CEOs to succeed beyond their expectations, 10 years as a CEO himself, and five years as a COO.

Brian earned his MBA at UCLA and resides with his family in Los Angeles.