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Selecting the right executive coach, peer group leader or performance consultant is an important decision and not always an easy one. You want someone with a long and verifiable track record of success, and many highly satisfied clients.

Dylan Ruga

Co-Founder, Steno

Brian has been instrumental in helping Steno scale from under 10 employees to over 80. He works with several members of our leadership team and everyone agrees that he just “gets it.” I can’t recommend him strongly enough.

Stephen Factor

CEO, VCT Wheels

I’ve gone through the last 15 years of running my business, thinking I understood all I needed. In the time I have been coached by Brian he has been able to teach me skills that I’ve found invaluable.

He has a great ability to look at the areas of the business and understand how to fix them. As well as understanding how to unlock the capabilities I have and how I can harness them to take my business to the next level. I’m now looking 5-10 ahead as opposed to a year. One of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner.

Janina Hill

General Manager, Meet Me In The Cloud

Brian is absolutely amazing! He has had a huge impact on me and on the success of our business.  He coached me in CEO Academy (the Big6 implementation) where his expertise, enthusiasm and genuine desire to help me succeed made the experience highly educational, empowering and a big confidence builder.  

The knowledge he shared and the skills he taught me were absolute game changers and had a significant impact on my career advancement leading to my promotion to the General Manager position.

I also want to mention that his leadership of our quarterly team retreats has been extremely rewarding for everyone in the group. We always walk away energized and ready to take on the world. The sessions are engaging and have been very effective in accelerating individual and team growth as well as our company’s overall success. We always look forward to interacting with Brian and having him help us become better at what we do. Thank you Brian!

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Alex Ismail

CEO, Liberty Paper

I was feeling overwhelmed, working a lot of hours and not being effective. I knew I had to make a change and learn new skills.

 Thanks to Brian and CEO Mastery, I implemented the Big6 core management practices. They systematized our business, vastly improved employee morale, and gave me time to focus on almost doubling sales.

Lou Rabon

CEO, Cyber Defense Group

I was struggling to figure out where to put my focus and how to have the greatest impact. I felt stuck working in the business vs. on the business.

So we implemented the Big6 core management practices and next thing I know I’m organized, focused and the company’s revenues are skyrocketing.

Bryan Vifquain

CEO, Edco

Our company was barely growing and everyone was stressed. We were constantly putting out fires and struggling to maintain profitability. 

CEO Mastery’s Big6 practices changed how we run our business which resulted in faster growth, higher profits and a much happier and cohesive workforce. 

Morgan Ein


Brian has proven beyond valuable in helping my company implement a powerful set of management practices that have significantly improved how we do things and the results we generate. On top of that, Brian’s CEO group serves as my private board of advisors – always present to assist in both personal and professional matters.

We are a stronger, more profitable company because of the guidance and support we get from Brian and the group.

Greg Hong

CEO, Steno

Brian has been instrumental in my and my team’s professional and personal development. In having him work with our entire leadership team for the last few months, he has helped us to see around corners that we would have ordinarily missed. 

Brian has done this by pushing our team to identify our weaknesses and by encouraging us to communicate with each other more directly. His approach is straightforward and to the point and he always seems to know what to say and when, and yet, he does this while never shying away from the moment or tough topics. I have referred him to a number of my friends and business leaders who have also told me about their phenomenal successes with Brian as well. Having worked with different CEO coaches in the past, Brian is by far the best. If you aren’t working with him already, you are doing your business a disservice. 

Ji-In Houk

Managing Partner, StaLwart Law Group

Brian has a wealth of knowledge and a genuine enthusiasm for helping businesses thrive that is contagious. He helps me with concrete ways to identify and achieve our goals, and we are seeing results.

At our firm, we often joke, WWBKD (What would Brian Kinahan do?) when figuring out issues. Brian is a joy to work with. I highly recommend working with him to level up and to have more fun while doing it.

Tyler Kavanaugh

VP, Salt Creek Partners, LLC

Brian is an amazing coach. I wanted an advisor with success in business and a deep skillset in executive coaching and personal development. He has helped me lean into my strengths and develop techniques for countering weaknesses. He uses proven methodologies, studies and aphorisms, that apply to the situation at hand – whether its diving into stoicism, leading-edge performance research, or stories as old as the Bible. 

He has helped me work better with my team and has sharpened my interpersonal skills to be a more effective professional. He has also gone above and beyond by making relevant introductions in my field.  In all, Brian cares and it shows. I recommend him to anyone who wants to grow professionally and personally in a meaningful way.

Jason Morgan

Managing Partner, Perspective Law Group

Brian Kinahan is a superb executive coach who immediately builds rapport with the executives he coaches.  I cannot be more positive in my recommendation of Brian as a CEO/executive coach.  

Brian intuitively understands his clients’ businesses quickly and is able to immerse himself in issues affecting those businesses.  He’s pragmatic in his recommendations and helps executives make decisions that are often difficult to make.  He spots issues that someone working in a business daily often overlooks.  Brian has helped our business immensely and his kind, but direct advice has allowed us to grow and change in a way we could not have previously imagined.  Our company will ALWAYS look to Brian for his thoughtful recommendations and counsel.

Ahdee Abramson

CEO, Pet N Shape

Brian has a knack for asking the right question, at the right time, to get to the right point or knows exactly when to drop a nugget of wisdom that changes the course of your thoughts and life.

Jason Gilbert


Engaging Brian and becoming part of his CEO Roundtable is the single best thing I’ve done for my business in years. Brian is an exceptional group leader and our coaching sessions are fantastic for developing strategy, building necessary business practices, and upgrading my leadership skills.

In the 3+ years I’ve been with Brian, my business has almost doubled. If you want to grow personally, professionally, and financially, this is the way to go!

Mayra Payan

Practice Manager, McGrath Vet Hospital

I want to share my gratitude towards Brian and the YLO group.  Brian’s coaching and guidance have helped tremendously.   I’ve been trying to break through my self-acceptance mental barriers for years and could never figure out how – until I met Brian. 

In just a short time I began experiencing big improvements on a personal level and then as a leader, and I’ve been growing ever since.  I’m much happier and way more effective.   The group has also been a big asset.  They help me find solutions to challenges that I can’t solve on my own or can’t solve as well.  I’m looking forward to more!

David Kerdoon

CEO, Sencha Naturals

I’ve worked with Brian for a little over a year now. He’s different than just a regular business coach by not having a cookie cutter approach to problems and really understanding personalities and catering to a group that way.

He can read his audience well which in my opinion gains trust and builds a relationship whereby the group is more engaged. Additionally, he’s not about just business fundamentals, but combines an approach that includes the personal growth aspect for each individual through various tools which to me provides a more holistic approach to coaching which I admire.

Leigha Naeole

Director of Operations, Pet N Shape

In just a short amount of time working with Brian I have already felt tremendous differences that have positively affected my personal and professional life.  I have been told by people in my life that my energy has changed for the better since starting my sessions with Brian and I completely agree.

Natalie Mathews

VP Sales & Marketing, PeT N Shape

Brian’s coaching has provided much needed context and perspective on both business challenges and my own personal ability to succeed. Instead of giving me the answers outright, Brian has taught me valuable frameworks through which I now approach problems and systematically solve them on my own. His “whole person” approach to focusing on personal development alongside business has had a vastly positive impact on my life and career. I’d highly recommend working with him!

Charity Rieck


I was unfamiliar with the field of Executive Coaching until I met Brian. But after meeting him, my eyes are wide open – in the best way possible. I am so appreciative of the time that I have had with Brian. 

He is a great sounding board on business strategy, interpersonal dynamics, and on how best to find one’s voice within an organization. It’s not just that the approach Brian takes towards these things is helpful and insightful, but the way in which Brian explains it all, both practically and philosophically, is truly impressive. And most importantly, our talks have had a strong, positive effect on how I go about my daily work, and on how I view my place in the company (and its place in my career) going forward.

Cindy Flores

VP Sales, Liberty Paper

Working with Brian Kinahan has been a game changer! Our company had grown considerably and although we were successful, we had growing pains, struggling in many areas when it came to culture and processes. 

We hired Brian and employed his Big 6 program. With some due diligence, Brian was able to point out areas of opportunity and create a plan for us to follow which literally transformed our company. Both company culture and processes improved, and how we hire and retain employees changed for the better since we implemented his hiring matrix system.  Not only has our company benefitted but I have also developed so much, both personally and professionally, due to Brian’s coaching. Any minute spent with Brian is a minute learning, he is a wealth of knowledge and will without a doubt add value to any company and person he touches.

Andrew Nelson

President, WarRoom Cellars

I’ve never met anyone like Brian. He’s the most impactful coach I’ve ever worked with. His coaching has helped me define a new strategy and a new way of thinking. 

The best part is that Brian will be in the trenches with you. I recommend him for anyone wanting to exponentially grow their business.

Rochelle Serna

Owner, Wild & Pure

Working with Brian has been nothing short of life-changing. I joke that he must be a magician! He has this gift to be able understand what makes someone tick almost instantaneously. 

And because of that, the deep and important work can happen really quickly and powerfully. Even on our first call—I had no idea what to expect, but he was able to communicate with me like he’d known me for years. Brian works from a place of service, fully showing up for his clients without judgement—which personally allowed me to be honest and open about my strengths and weaknesses in a way I haven’t ever before. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Jennifer Hoppel

President, Burdge Inc

Brian was a great mentor to me as I took on the presidency of my company.  His knowledge surrounding all aspects of business was top notch and very evident, but it was his methodology and technique for disseminating that knowledge in an approachable manner that made his coaching so valuable.

We had a group where the experience and needs ranged widely, and he was able to help us learn from each other and bring a great outside perspective to see how it all tied together.  I’m grateful for the coaching Brian has provided and would recommend his services with no hesitation.

Maggie Rold

Director of Customer Success, Steno

Brian has had a big impact on me and on my team. He’s helped me with the prioritization and organization of my team’s projects and he’s pushed me to delegate more projects to the team. 

He’s also helped me raise our standards and hold the team to those standards by measuring more of their output and their overall impact on the effectiveness of the organization.

Jim Theiring

President, Mission Hospital

Brian is a seasoned executive coach who brings a wealth of experience to that role.  His results-driven guidance enables his clients to break though self-imposed ceilings.

His style is collaborative which instills a sense of purpose that raises an executive’s untapped potential for success to new and previously unthought-of heights. 

Remy Winters

CTO, Cyber Defense Group

Brian has been a tremendous help to me personally and professionally. We retained Brian’s services to help me navigate my new role and to better understand how to create an executive mindset.  

He has helped me to understand how my own personality and history affect my professional life and how to not only work around those traits but to embrace them and leverage them as a leader. 

Bob Weiser


I have worked with Brian for a while and I can’t think of a better coach. Without his on-point questions, caring challenges, and powerful guidance we would not have turned our million dollar plus annual loss into a substantial profit. Thank you, Brian.

Michael Donner


Brian was extremely successful in putting in place a disciplined management system to change the destiny of our company. A big standing ovation goes out to Brian!

John Crumpler


I am very thankful to Brian for helping our company and me through a difficult time and for bringing a higher level of business sophistication to our organization. With his guidance we established many new practices that led to a nearly doubling of revenues and profits. 

He is energetic, positive, personable, and professional. He can dream big, translate that dream into concrete steps, and then lead a team of people to reach their desired outcome.

Tad Clodfelter


Brian is a highly effective businessman who brings positive energy and a wealth of knowledge and experience to every situation and challenge. He possesses a rare combination of skills.

He is great at long term goal setting and also excellent at operating details, budgets, performance analysis, and reporting.

Hami Gabayan

CEO, Captial Trust Escrow

Brian Kinahan has had the biggest impact on my company.  I am very appreciative of Brian for helping with the growth of my company.  

He knows what a company needs and is one of the wisest men I know.  He coaches as if it’s his own company and his skill set will help any company to be successful.  He challenges me to be the best owner that I can be.  He asks all the right questions to help identity hurdles and helps me figure out how to break through any of them.  He’s very positive and believes that a company always needs to be growing.  This is a lesson that has helped me.  I’m sure you will be very happy to hire Brian for your business. 

Jeffrey LaRiche

CEO, Castle Worldwide

Brian’s ability to analyze a situation and synthesize a road map to success was better than impressive – it was successful. He has impressed us all with his intelligence, inquisitiveness, perspicacity, and persistence. 

He walks his talk, is without artifice, and he is always honest and direct with a penetrating intelligence and sound judgment. I can recommend no other individual more highly.

Jeff Cobb


It would be hard to overstate how clarifying and productive the process of working with Brian has been. We began with an overall company assessment that gave us amazing insight into our performance and culture. 

Working from those insights we drilled down and identified which components of our strategy and our business were working and which ones were not. Now we measure performance effectively and know where to make changes when we fall short. Most importantly, the senior team and the staff feel much more in control! We are not only seeing a significant impact on our bottom line but we’re being approached by eager, credible buyers – which was always our goal.

Henry Kaestner


Brian’s method has been instrumental in helping us retool our strategy and develop a more focused and systematic approach to our business. It is the foundation of our current success.

Parisa Kamgar

Engineering Manager, Midmark Corp.

Brian is the best at what he does.  He helped me manage conflicts between cross functional teams by identifying the root cause of the problems so that I could develop an approach to improve relationships.

He did it by helping me change my perception of what was happening and understand the psychology enough to see though surface actions. It worked! 

Iberia Martinez


I had grown my furniture business successfully for several years, but was feeling stuck. I was referred to Brian who has been a tremendous help. 

His knowledge, experience, commitment, and enthusiasm have revitalized me and my business. Mostly he’s helped me address what “I didn’t know that I didn’t know” and to begin putting into place the foundational practices that make everything run more smoothly with less direct involvement from me. It’s exciting and I’m very grateful.

Chris Bingham


The monthly CEO group meetings allowed me to share my challenges with other CEOs and discover solutions in my distribution business that I would not have found otherwise. I’m very grateful to Brian for leading the group and for his expertise and coaching.

Brian has a knack for simplifying complex issues and helping us solve difficult challenges with actionable solutions.

Marsha Vifquain

Owner, Edco

I wanted to work ON my business, not just IN it. Brian helped me do that with great success. With his guidance we put together a whole new set of business practices that not only got us growing again, but also increased our profitability. 

Today we’re doing twice the volume and our profits have more than doubled. In the process I developed new perspectives and skills that today are serving both my business and my personal life. I highly recommend Brian and his Big Six Boot Camp, coaching, and CEO groups to any business owner or CEO who is determined to succeed.

George Chiao

Principal, Shein America

Brian has been an invaluable part of my growth as a leader. He and fellow members of my CEO Roundtable help me make the right decisions and keep me focused on the top priorities in my business.

Anne Lenhart


We asked Brian to identify the inefficiencies and opportunities within our business and to develop goals and a roadmap to address them. He was especially helpful in identifying sources of waste and inefficiency. 

After we made the required changes to our operations we saw a quick and dramatic increase in our profit margin from 2% to 8%. Brian is easy to work with, easy to understand, and an excellent coach. He quickly established himself as our “go to” advisor and has made the company much stronger, more efficient and more profitable.

Jeff Vojta


The success our company is experiencing today is directly related to Brian’s contribution. We now use a strategic management approach to focus our entire organization – down to every associate – on the strategic inputs and competencies that have the greatest impact on our desired customer and financial outcomes. 

As a result, we’ve improved operating income by 100% in large part by focusing our sales and marketing efforts on our most profitable customers and product lines.

Sam Shriver


Brian did an excellent job. He helped us see things more clearly which caused us to refocus our strategy on our most productive markets, to place greater emphasis on our most profitable customers, and to direct our sales efforts at a higher organizational level. 

In addition, our Strategy Map and associated strategic initiatives drove improvements in areas of our business that really mattered. As a result of his involvement our financial performance began improving almost immediately!

Mats Bruin

CEO, Bruin & Associates

Brian led a breakthrough strategy development process that revealed what we need to do to reach the next level of growth and profitability. Now, the entire company is focused on what really matters and our new business practices have helped us achieve our goals .

Skip Woody


Brian will make your business better, you a better leader, and your employees will be much happier working in a company that is well organized and set up to succeed – systematically.

David Fenton


Brian helped me to rethink and upgrade my business. I can say for sure that he knows his stuff. 

It is a pleasure working with him and he is excellent with across-the-board business practices. I especially like the Strategy Map we put together.

Scott Rasbach


In just a few meetings with Brian’s CEO group, I am seeing very positive results and a clear pathway to growing my company faster. I’m very happy with Brian’s leadership!

Daniel Uchitel

Owner, HerpAlert

Brian provided useful insight for my company by breaking down the metrics and carefully explaining the logistics. He helped clean up my foggy outlook and gave me a better sense of where my company is heading.

Through his wisdom and experience, I know I’m in good hands.

Bob Pasicznyuk

Executive Director, Douglas County Libraries

Brian has the ability to balance courage and compassion to bring clarity around business and interpersonal challenges.

Brian demonstrates how to apply disciplined business practices to real-world needs so that you gain skill lasting after sessions.

David Valdez

Operations Manager, Liberty Paper

The YLO meetings and the personal coaching I’ve received from Brian have been highly impactful and incredibly beneficial. The personal coaching sessions with Brian are truly inspiring.  They are natural and open and have enabled me to find solutions to many work and personal challenges. 

The in-person meetings provide compelling insights into developing more positive and productive relationships with my colleagues and establishing a healthier work-life balance.  I also get help from my fellow YLO group members on difficult issues that I would not otherwise overcome. Overall, working with Brian has been a game-changer. I would absolutely recommend him and the YLO to every senior exec who wants to grow professionally and personally. 

Freddy Hernandez

COO, M2A Solutions

I have seen significant improvements both in my work life and my personal life since I joined the Young Leaders Organization (YLO)   The monthly personal coaching has been extremely effective. Brian genuinely cares about me and asks the right questions to get us to the root of the problem or opportunity. 

Because of that, our conversations produce clear solutions and realistic action steps.  I also love the group meetings. Members are vocal and vulnerable with no judgment.  In fact, I get excited every time we meet because of the motivating, inspiring, and accountable environment. I particularly value the wisdom and experience that my fellow members bring to the table along with Brian’s guidance in helping us address and overcome our business and personal hurdles. Every senior exec who is serious about being their best should join the YLO.

Jimmie Robertson, Jr.

Executive VP & Chief

We were reluctant to establish ambitious goals because we weren’t confident in our ability to reach them. 

Now, thanks to Brian, we have increased our ambition, developed a great strategy that can be measured, and improved our overall business operating system. The results speak for themselves. We are now achieving our most ambitious goals.

Kathleen Williams


Brian gave us a critical boost to move our business toward realizing its full potential. With his help and guidance, we established a clear strategic focus and a better way to run our business. 

I recommend Brian to all leaders who are serious about delivering great performance.

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