Young Leaders Organization (YLO)

Welcome to the Los Angeles based Young Leaders Organization, where aspiring leaders become more capable and confident in a safe and nurturing community of like-minded individuals.  

LDC members are smart, successful, self-aware, and eager to grow.  And they have humility. They understand that they’ve only scratched the surface of who they can be and what they can achieve.   

Mostly, they value learning through direct personal coaching and in group settings with a community of peers that provides them with wisdom and support not found elsewhere. 

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The Program

YLO is designed to have the greatest impact on a member’s development in the least amount of time by combining personal coaching and group learning. 

Live, personal, video coaching zeroes in on specific areas of developmental need and sustains the effort with a  monthly cadence. 

Live, in-person, group meetings grow member’s professional know-how and provide solutions to real-time challenges through expert workshops and peer advisory sessions. 

              Workshops – address 1) business mechanics incl. vision, culture, strategy, planning, people, process, information, meeting rhythm, and 2) mental mechanics incl. self-awareness, mental frameworks, mental pattern management, EQ, etc. 

              Peer Advisory – sessions leverage the combined intelligence, experience and wisdom of the group to help individual members analyze and overcome specific challenges. 

1. Monthly Coaching Sessions

o   45 minutes with an expert coach every month.

o   At-will emails, texts and short calls.

2. Peer Group Meetings

o   Six in-person meetings (12pm – 6pm) on the 3rd Wednesday of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov.  

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A career acceleration program like this is not for everyone.  Let’s explore how personal coaching and peer groups might help you achieve your most ambitious professional and personal goals.


Freddy Hernandez


I have seen significant improvements both in my work life and my personal life since I joined the Young Leaders Organization (YLO).  The monthly personal coaching has been extremely effective. Brian genuinely cares about me and asks the right questions to get us to the root of the problem or opportunity. 

Because of that, our conversations produce clear solutions and realistic action steps.  I also love the group meetings. Members are vocal and vulnerable with no judgment.  In fact, I get excited every time we meet because of the motivating, inspiring, and accountable environment. I particularly value the wisdom and experience that my fellow members bring to the table along with Brian’s guidance in helping us address and overcome our business and personal hurdles. Every senior exec who is serious about being their best should join the YLO. 

David Valdez


The YLO meetings and the personal coaching I’ve received from Brian have been highly impactful and incredibly beneficial. The personal coaching sessions with Brian are truly inspiring.  

They are natural and open and have enabled me to find solutions to many work and personal challenges. The in-person meetings provide compelling insights into developing more positive and productive relationships with my colleagues and establishing a healthier work-life balance.  I also get help from my fellow YLO group members on difficult issues that I would not otherwise overcome.  Overall, working with Brian has been a game-changer. I would absolutely recommend him and the YLO to every senior exec who wants to grow professionally and personally. 

Mayra Payan


I want to share my gratitude towards Brian and the YLO group.  Brian’s coaching and guidance have helped tremendously.   I’ve been trying to break through my self-acceptance mental barriers for years and could never figure out how – until I met Brian. In just a short time I began experiencing big improvements on a personal level and then as a leader, and I’ve been growing ever since.  I’m much happier and way more effective.   The group has also been a big asset.  They help me find solutions to challenges that I can’t solve on my own or can’t solve as well.  I’m looking forward to more!