Your Complete Business Operating System

What Is The Big6?

The Big6 is a complete business operating system for CEOs and teams of small to mid-size companies who want to grow revenues and profits more quickly and predictably.

Success is a system and the Big6 will make your company the best it can be, systematically.  The business practices you put in place will accelerate growth and help you avoid costly inefficiencies.  You’ll also build an A team that does what it needs so you can increasingly get out of the day to day and captain your ship – properly.

Is it for you?  Well, if you’re reading this you’re probably the owner and/or CEO of an already successful business. Congratulations. 

But you realize that there is more progress to be made, more opportunity ahead and that to get there your business has to run like a well-oiled machine with all the foundational business practices larger more successful companies have in place.

Maybe you’ve even seen books like Emyth, Traction and Scaling Up but found that implementation alone is hard and hiring their experts is expensive.  

If so, take heart.  We don’t have a book yet (we’re working on that!) but our decades-old, field-tested, Big6 operating system is every bit as good (or better) than anything else you’ll find.  And if you can’t get it going fully on your own we have coaching programs to help you that are a fraction of what others charge.  

Next step is to download the Guide and watch the video.  When you’re done you’ll know what to do and you’ll be able to do some on your own. Truth is, part of success is just knowing what to do.  Then reach out if you want to discuss. See below.

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The System Is Key​

The 6 Pillars of The Big6

A business is a combination of six fundamental, interconnected, systems.  We call it The Big6.  Respect each one, do what’s right, and your company “magically” takes off.  It’s the only way to get from small to big, from struggling to flying, from also-ran to leading the pack.  Look at larger companies and you’ll see this is exactly what they do.  It’s just a matter of doing the right things right. This is at the core of how we transform companies.  In just 3 months, your company will run more smoothly, efficiently, happily and you will have less stress and more time to do what you do best.

1. DNA

Your business DNA is a combination of your long-term Vision or destination, your Mission or purpose for being, the set of Values or culture that define your people’s way of being and doing, and your Strategy, which is where you compete and how you win. The last element, Communication, is the way that Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy get embedded in your employees’ minds like DNA.

2. Planning

Vision (what you worked on in Pillar 1) is achieved through the continuous execution of strategic, sales, departmental and financial plans. An OKR process (Objectives and Key Results) allows the company to establish priorities across the organization and keep “the main thing the main thing.”

3. People

Happy, skilled, and motivated people in the right roles can perform miracles. A CEO’s top priority is to have the best people possible on the team. Achieving this requires: • carefully defining roles and responsibilities in an organizational chart, • hiring and retaining the right people, and • coaching and developing these employees continuously, while providing appropriate incentives and rewards, financial or otherwise.

4. Process

There are many ways to do things. Over time we discover the best way, at least for the moment. At that point there’s no reason to go back to doing it any other way. Start by prioritizing key processes so that you standardize the most important first. Then map processes to make them visually clear and define the process steps in SOPs (standard operating procedures). Once mapped and documented, train people in the SOP to ensure that the same steps are taken every time. And lastly, no process is a best process forever. Regular reviews allow you to continue to improve each one.

5. Information

A weekly Company KPI report (Key Performance Indicators) is essential for making better decisions, gauging performance against plan, seeing trends, preventing surprises and keeping the conversation focused on what matters most. Department metrics measure progress against plan. Because a business runs on money we need accurate financial reporting, and because you can’t operate in a vacuum you need a process to collect external market data. Finally, a management information system is vital for containing, managing, analyzing and reporting all of your information.

6. Rhythm

Gather your people together to make plans, review plans, and to work together to improve your company’s performance. Put in place the essential meeting rhythm. That includes a weekly leadership KPI review, departmental and interdepartmental meetings, as well as frequent project review meetings. Make sure to hold monthly budget vs. actual financial review meetings and regular (less-frequent) all-company and strategy review meetings.

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Alex Ismail

CEO, Liberty Paper

I was feeling overwhelmed, working a lot of hours and not being effective. I knew I had to make a change and learn new skills. Thanks to Brian and CEO Mastery, I implemented the Big6 core management practices. They systematized our business, vastly improved employee morale, and gave me time to focus on almost doubling sales.

Lou Rabon​​

CEO, Cyber Defense Group

I was struggling to figure out where to put my focus and how to have the greatest impact. I felt stuck working in the business vs. on the business. I was struggling to figure out where to put my focus and how to have the greatest impact. I felt stuck working in the business vs. on the business.

Bryan Vifquain​


Our company was barely growing and everyone was stressed. We were constantly putting out fires and struggling to maintain profitability. CEO Mastery’s Big6 practices changed how we run our business which resulted in faster growth, higher profits and a much happier and cohesive workforce. 

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