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Pillar 2

Pillar 2 Planning
Pillar 2 - Planning 3

knowing the goals

Success and growth is achieved through the continuous execution of plans: strategic, sales, departmental and financial. These take time to set up but are essential in running your business efficiently.

Part of Planning is knowing your goals and what results you need and having an ability to track the achievement of those goals using specific metrics. In other words, you need a strong, clear OKR (Objectives and Key Results). OKRs are used by teams and individuals to set goals with measurable results. You know what needs to happen and what it looks like when it happens. They create clarity so you can make better decisions for your company. No more stabs in the dark.

Pillar 1 - PlanninG

Business Practices You Will Learn and Implement

An OKR process allows the company to establish priorities across the organization and keep focused on what you need to be doing. Or keeping “the main thing the main thing.”

Pillar 2 - Planning 4
"Brian has helped us revitalize our family-owned fashion jewelry business using his Big Six framework. We've upgraded so many aspects of our business including reporting and budgeting, strategy, planning, project implementation, organizational development, process mapping, and organization-wide meeting rhythm. Other key areas like branding, training, and performance management are currently "under construction". We're already reaping the benefits of our work to date and we're very excited to be laying the foundation for faster growth and more profits."
R. S.
CEO and Marsha Vifquain, EVP Edco Inc., Fashion Jewelry
"I wanted to work ON my business, not just IN it. Brian helped me do that with great success. With his guidance we put together a whole new set of business practices that not only got us growing again, but also increased our profitability. Today we’re doing twice the volume and our profits have more than doubled. In the process I developed new perspectives and skills that today are serving both my business and my personal life. I highly recommend Brian and his Big Six Boot Camp, coaching, and CEO groups to any business owner or CEO who is determined to succeed."
M. V.
"We asked Brian to identify the inefficiencies and opportunities within our business and to develop goals and a roadmap to address them. He was especially helpful in identifying sources of waste and inefficiency. After we made the required changes to our operations we saw a quick and dramatic increase in our profit margin from 2% to 8%. Brian is easy to work with, easy to understand, and an excellent coach. He quickly established himself as our "go to" advisor and has made the company much stronger, more efficient and more profitable."
A. L.
COO Calibrate, Inc.

The Pillars



Establish your company’s identity including its culture, its purpose for being, where it’s going, and how it will get there.



Live with intent.  Create sales plan, budgets, department plans, project plans etc.



Build an A-Team and improve employee retention with proper hiring, coaching, development and recognition of top employees.



Document processes to ensure quality, consistency and repeatability



Generate the information you need to make the right decisions and track progress against plan.



Meetings are the life blood of an organization. Establish a winning meeting rhythm for maximum collaboration, cooperation and innovation.

Six Simple Steps to
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