The Big Six Pillars

Essential Business Practices

The Big Six Pillars

The Big Six Pillars
The Big Six Pillars 3

The Pillars



Establish your company’s identity including its culture, its purpose for being, where it’s going, and how it will get there.



Live with intent.  Create sales plan, budgets, department plans, project plans etc.



Build an A-Team and improve employee retention with proper hiring, coaching, development and recognition of top employees.



Document processes to ensure quality, consistency and repeatability



Generate the information you need to make the right decisions and track progress against plan.



Meetings are the life blood of an organization. Establish a winning meeting rhythm for maximum collaboration, cooperation and innovation.

Know What To Do But Don’t Know What To Do First

Know what to do but don’t know what to do first?

Not sure where to start with business improvements? Don’t worry about it. We show you what to do and in what order. And we show you what not to do.

Salary Payment And Payroll Concept Vector

Underwhelmed by your team?

Hire and develop an “A” team. Imagine having top performers who know what to do and get it done correctly, with enthusiasm. It’s very doable and we’ll help you make it happen.

Salary Payment And Payroll Concept

Working a lot more but not making more money?

A business that isn’t set up for success requires a lot more effort and makes a lot less profit. A well run business is a profit-making machine. We’ll get you there.

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Having trouble holding your team together?

A well managed business is a very attractive place to work and draws top employees. No matter its size or focus, yours can be a great company that people are eager to work for.

Like-Minded Peers To Upgrade Businesses

Like-minded peers to upgrade businesses

When you purchase a course, you gain access to our private member Facebook group where you’ll join like minded peers who are upgrading their businesses just like you. You’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences and ask them for support. Everything is confidential. Brian and his coaches will also check in regularly to answer questions.

You’ve probably picked up some great sessions about operating traction and scaling systems, etc. And you’ve been inspired by them. But taking action isn’t always easy, or you might not know where to start. It’s called the KNOWING/DOING gap.

The way to be exceptional

Which Pillar is right for me?

If you’re not sure what is the best course of action for your company, answering the following questions will highlight where you will want to focus your work.

If you answer NO, look at the corresponding Pillar

Note: a perfect complement to doing the individual pillars is joining one of our peer groups.

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Interested in individual pillar classes?

We’ve received many inquiries about offering individual pillar classes. If you’re interested, please sign up here to let us know and indicate the course(s) that interest you. We’ll start with the most popular selections and notify you when your selections are available.

"Brian has proven beyond valuable in helping my company implement a powerful set of management practices that have significantly improved how we do things and the results we generate. On top of that, Brian’s CEO group serves as my private board of advisors - always present to assist in both personal and professional matters. We are a stronger, more profitable company because of the guidance and support we get from Brian and the group."
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M. E.
"I am very thankful to Brian for helping our company and me through a difficult time and for bringing a higher level of business sophistication to our organization. With his guidance we established many new practices that led to a nearly doubling of revenues and profits. He is energetic, positive, personable, and professional. He can dream big, translate that dream into concrete steps, and then lead a team of people to reach their desired outcome."
John Crumpler Chairman Southlight Healthcare
J. C.
Chairman SouthLight, Inc.
“I had grown my furniture business successfully for several years, but was feeling stuck. I was referred to Brian who has been a tremendous help. His knowledge, experience, commitment, and enthusiasm have revitalized me and my business. Mostly he’s helped me address what “I didn’t know that I didn’t know” and to begin putting into place the foundational practices that make everything run more smoothly with less direct involvement from me. It’s exciting and I’m very grateful."
I. M. CEO Sunbeam Vintage, Mid Century Furniture
I. M.
CEO Sunbeam Vintage, Mid Century Furniture

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