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Business Challenges

  • Companies without a proper management operating system are doomed to be in a constant firefight mode. Implement the Big6 and watch the fires disappear.


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business problems

Business Problems

Business DNA

People love to be on a winning team that’s well organized and where they feel a part of things.

Business Problems


Random acts of growth don’t work nearly as well as carefully crafted and executed growth plans.

Business Problems


Have you ever seen a team win the national championship with B and C players?

Business Problems


Quality companies establish the best way to perform each function and then stick to it.

Business Problems


It’s surprising how many companies make decisions with way too little information.

Business Problems

Meeting Rhythm

Companies suffer when employees are isolated in cubicles or departmental silos.

“Brian had a very big impact on our organization. He guided us through a program (incl. strategy execution, planning, reporting, process improvement, employee engagement) that significantly improved our overall effectiveness and financial performance.”
John Crumpler Chairman Southlight Healthcare
John Crumpler
Chairman Southlight Healthcare
“Brian was extremely successful in putting in place a disciplined cross-company management system that changed the destiny of our uniform company. A big standing ovation goes out to Brian and his process!”
M. D. CEO Barco Uniforms
Michael Donner
CEO Barco Uniforms
“In the almost two years since I’ve worked with Brian my managed services business has grown over 50%. He is an exceptional teacher and his process is incredibly effective. If you want to grow professionally and personally this is definitely the way go.”
Jason Gilbert CEO ClearFuze
Jason Gilbert
CEO ClearFuze