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Pillar 3

Pillar 3 People
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Finding the Right People In Your Company

You may already have great people in your company, they just might not be in quite the right role. By carefully defining roles and responsibilities in an organizational chart you can see what you need and who you might have to fill those roles. Sometimes you do have to let people go and we teach you the process of how to decide who is worth keeping and who is a drain on your resources.

Retaining Top Employees:

CEOs often make the mistake that once they’ve hired someone, they are done. But employees need coaching and developing continuously so they can remain the best in their field. They also benefit from appropriate incentives and rewards, financial or otherwise. You also gain and retain your A-Team when your company is a great place to work, energetically, productive, efficient, well-run.

Hiring Right

Many organizations don’t know how to hire the right candidate. We go by our gut or what’s on the paper or if we liked them in the interview. But there is a systematic approach for finding the right person for the right job and we teach you how with specific charts and templates to follow.

Pillar 2 - People

Business Practices You Will Learn and Implement

Business Practices You Will Learn And Implement
Pillar 3 - People 2
"The success our company is experiencing today is directly related to Brian's contribution. We now use a strategic management approach to focus our entire organization - down to every associate - on the strategic inputs and competencies that have the greatest impact on our desired customer and financial outcomes. As a result, we’ve improved operating income by 100% in large part by focusing our sales and marketing efforts on our most profitable customers and product lines.”
J. V.
Co-founder & CEO Stockton Graham & Company
"Brian’s ability to analyze a situation and synthesize a road map to success was better than impressive – it was successful. He has impressed us all with his intelligence, inquisitiveness, perspicacity, and persistence. He walks his talk, is without artifice, and he is always honest and direct with a penetrating intelligence and sound judgment. I can recommend no other individual more highly."
J. L.
CEO CASTLE Worldwide, Inc.
"Brian did an excellent job. He helped us see things more clearly which caused us to refocus our strategy on our most productive markets, to place greater emphasis on our most profitable customers, and to direct our sales efforts at a higher organizational level. In addition, our Strategy Map and associated strategic initiatives drove improvements in areas of our business that really mattered. As a result of his involvement our financial performance began improving almost immediately!”
S. S.
CEO Performance Impact

The Pillars



Establish your company’s identity including its culture, its purpose for being, where it’s going, and how it will get there.



Live with intent.  Create sales plan, budgets, department plans, project plans etc.



Build an A-Team and improve employee retention with proper hiring, coaching, development and recognition of top employees.



Document processes to ensure quality, consistency and repeatability



Generate the information you need to make the right decisions and track progress against plan.



Meetings are the life blood of an organization. Establish a winning meeting rhythm for maximum collaboration, cooperation and innovation.

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