CEO & Team Coaching

Outsized business success requires highly-effective leaders.  Yes, there’s value in developing the capabilities and performance of all players, up and down the organization. But the biggest impact is felt at the top, with the CEO and the senior team.

Members of the leadership team must be performing at their individual and collective best, which doesn’t happen automatically. It requires coaching, education and practice inside a proper business operating system to bring out the best in everyone. Coaching and systems make a difference. Just ask Tom Brady and LeBron James.


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We have a proven 3-level process (individuals, team, system).  We increase self-awareness and emotional IQ by helping people understand the connection between perceptions, interpretations, actions and outcomes.  We teach essential skills like conflict resolution, proper hiring, project management and meeting management. We work with teams to improve collaboration and decision making. And we help the company establish a set of foundational best practices, the operating system, so that the business increasingly “runs itself” … systematically. 


The result is a capable, confident and collaborative group of leaders who run a finely-tuned, fast-growing and more profitable business, together.

Please review what some of our coaching clients say below and reach out to us to find out more about how coaching will improve your company’s performance in a very big way.  Email us at brian@ceomastery.com or book an intro call here.

Natalie Mathews

VP Sales & Marketing, PeT N Shape

Brian’s coaching has provided much needed context and perspective on both business challenges and my own personal ability to succeed. Instead of giving me the answers outright, Brian has taught me valuable frameworks through which I now approach problems and systematically solve them on my own. His “whole person” approach to focusing on personal development alongside business has had a vastly positive impact on my life and career. I’d highly recommend working with him!

Janina Hill

General Manager, Meet Me In The Cloud

Brian is absolutely amazing! He has had a huge impact on me and on the success of our business.  He coached me in CEO Academy (the Big6 implementation) where his expertise, enthusiasm and genuine desire to help me succeed made the experience highly educational, empowering and a big confidence builder.  

The knowledge he shared and the skills he taught me were absolute game changers and had a significant impact on my career advancement leading to my promotion to the General Manager position.

I also want to mention that his leadership of our quarterly team retreats has been extremely rewarding for everyone in the group. We always walk away energized and ready to take on the world. The sessions are engaging and have been very effective in accelerating individual and team growth as well as our company’s overall success. We always look forward to interacting with Brian and having him help us become better at what we do. Thank you Brian!

Remy Winters

CTO, Cyber Defense Group

Brian has been a tremendous help to me personally and professionally. We retained Brian’s services to help me navigate my new role and to better understand how to create an executive mindset.  

He has helped me to understand how my own personality and history affect my professional life and how to not only work around those traits but to embrace them and leverage them as a leader. 

Charity Rieck


I was unfamiliar with the field of Executive Coaching until I met Brian. But after meeting him, my eyes are wide open – in the best way possible. I am so appreciative of the time that I have had with Brian. 

He is a great sounding board on business strategy, interpersonal dynamics, and on how best to find one’s voice within an organization. It’s not just that the approach Brian takes towards these things is helpful and insightful, but the way in which Brian explains it all, both practically and philosophically, is truly impressive. And most importantly, our talks have had a strong, positive effect on how I go about my daily work, and on how I view my place in the company (and its place in my career) going forward.

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