Essential Business Practices

Pillar 5

Essential Business Practices
Know What To Do But Don’t Know What To Do First

making daily decisions

One of your main jobs as a CEO is to make daily decisions for your company. As your business grows, your ability to keep track of everything is diminished if you don’t develop systematic ways to learn about what’s going on. A weekly Company KPI report (Key Performance Indicators) is essential for making better decisions, gauging performance against plan, seeing trends, preventing surprises and keeping the conversation focused on what matters most. We show you how to lay out a KPI for all your departments and get your team on board to this way of doing things.

Information also covers reporting. For instance, because a business runs on money we need accurate financial reporting, and because you can’t operate in a vacuum, you need a process to collect external market data.

Finally, a management information system is vital for containing, managing, analyzing and reporting all of your information.

Pillar 3 - Information

Business Practices You Will Learn and Implement

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Pillar 5 - Information 2
"Brian has brought a level of expertise and knowledge to our business planning and operations that has resulted in double digit growth over the past couple years. His ability to find and focus on core issues in each situation, collect supporting information, and guide us in the right direction has been invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Brian and his CEO Roundtables to any CEO who is serious about growing their business and themselves."
B. V.
"We were reluctant to establish ambitious goals because we weren't confident in our ability to reach them. Now, thanks to Brian, we have increased our ambition, developed a great strategy that can be measured, and improved our overall business operating system. The results speak for themselves. We are now achieving our most ambitious goals."
J. R.
Jr., Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer IGO Insurance Agency, Inc.,
"The monthly CEO group meetings allowed me to share my challenges with other CEOs and discover solutions in my distribution business that I would not have found otherwise. I’m very grateful to Brian for leading the group and for his expertise and coaching. Brian has a knack for simplifying complex issues and helping us solve difficult challenges with actionable solutions."
C. B.
CEO Riley Life Logistics

The Pillars



Establish your company’s identity including its culture, its purpose for being, where it’s going, and how it will get there.



Live with intent.  Create sales plan, budgets, department plans, project plans etc.



Build an A-Team and improve employee retention with proper hiring, coaching, development and recognition of top employees.



Document processes to ensure quality, consistency and repeatability



Generate the information you need to make the right decisions and track progress against plan.



Meetings are the life blood of an organization. Establish a winning meeting rhythm for maximum collaboration, cooperation and innovation.

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