DIg Deep to Hire “A” Players

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 So you did a good job qualifying the candidate and you found the “A” player you need.  You’re excited – and ready to bring them in. Great! 

To do that though, you have to lure them away from their current position.  But unfortunately they may be OK where they are and, although intrigued by your offer, they may not want to make a move.

What now?

Years ago, a big prospect said to me: “Brian, I’m not ready to buy your technology.  For that to happen you’ll need to get my fear down a lot and my greed up a little more.”   That was a valuable lesson that’s paid many dividends since.  Fear down, greed up.

When an “A” player is considering a career move, they don’t think only about “greed”, about all the good there might be; they think “fear”.  They worry about what could go wrong, why this is a dumb move, how they might regret it down the road.

 And what makes it hard for us, the people hiring, is that candidates don’t always tell us what they’re afraid of. Heck many times they haven’t put a finger on it themselves, but they can feel it.

 So it’s up to us to help them get clear on the “fear” that’s holding them back so we can do something about it.  

These is usually where the fear is: People and Progress

People: “A” players want to be around other “A” players.  They want their colleagues, including supervisors and direct reports, to be top notch. That means, capable, professional, positive, ambitious, committed to the company’s success and also kind and generous with positive energy and high emotional IQ. 

 Progress: “A” players want to be with a growing company that provides expanded career options for everyone. And they want to make progress in their careers with learning and development opportunities and regular coaching from their supervisor.

So don’t be afraid to ask candidates what they think about People and Progress.  Dig deep.  Find out their fears concerning culture and career development. Then show them how you excel in those areas. 

 And if you don’t excel – yet, then consider that your company is not where it needs to be.  Commit to working on People (culture) and Progress (career opportunity) to eventually attract the “A” players you need to win the “super bowl” of your industry.  

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