Stuck in a Rut: When you want to move past exceptional.

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Video transcript: hi there it’s brian ceo mastery so i was talking to ceo client yesterday and he was telling me he’s a new client and he was telling me how incredibly stuck he is he’s doing the same thing over and over again he’s built a nice multi-million dollar business a few million and uh he’s doing the same thing he always done he’s been very hands-on that’s what got the company to where it is now which is exceptional which is really exceptional that’s fantastic and yet now he’s stuck and he knows he’s stuck but he doesn’t know what to do about it and so that got me thinking about stuck a lot of people i talk to a lot of ceos i talk to are in that situation and that’s really my specialty is to getting ceos unstuck and it happens mostly to small to business size business ceos especially entrepreneurs who started the business very hands-on very typical very typical some breakthrough and go on to an amazing life of unstuck and more hands-off and a lot just don’t so if you’re feeling stuck recognize it’s a choice you have a choice you can be stuck or not stuck the only person who’s who’s stuck in you is you right there’s a way out other people have found it so make a choice to stop being stuck and the first thing to do there is to have the will where there’s a will there’s a way and so you want to get emotional leverage on yourself that means you want to ask yourself if you keep running the business like this what’s it going to look like in one year two years five years and what are you going to look like what’s your life going to be like when you’re in the middle of everything doing everything working way too hard arriving before everyone leaving after everyone only one you know sick employee away from a very bad month right one client away from a very bad month ask yourself and make it bad make it terrible yeah you know you could be uh you could you could not be there for your kids and they grew up as you know juvenile delinquents it’s possible when parents aren’t there you could ruin your relationship with your spouse it’s possible right you can get high blood pressure and and you know god knows what health problems it could be bad there’s a world out there where you being stuck and not taking care of things and not freeing yourself up and not growing your business to where it’s it’s uh safe and uh prosperous that that world it could be very bad so think about it get scared get angry get fed up have the emotion emotion creates motion emotion creates motion so create a lot of emotion and then take action create motion and if you want help look around there’s lots of sources or call me this is what i do i will help you get unstuck i will guide you i will walk with you i will encourage you i will work with you on your mindset i will work with you on how you set up your business i will be there for you it’s just a matter of doing there’s no mystery no mystery at all it’s just are you gonna do it and do you have somebody to help you and so just know if you want help i’m here for you will do this together

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