Why do executives tend to be managers instead of leaders?

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Why do executives tend to be managers instead of leaders?

Why do executives tend to be managers instead of leaders?


Being a successful CEO of a small to midsize business is a lot easier than we make it out to be. If we know what to do, we can have fun and enjoy a high quality of life. But if we’re not skilled at it, it can be an endless source of emotional and financial stress.


The first step is to stop doing operational work, to delegate those duties to others as quickly as cash flow permits. We need time to focus on the CEO stuff. To get rid of responsibilities and feel confident that they are still being performed properly, we need a good management operating process that ensures the right people are doing the right things right.

As we do this we’re increasingly available to focus on vital CEO matters like strategy, strategic initiatives, culture, vision and purpose. Ironically, these are areas that most smaller company CEOs downplay. Yet, collectively, who we are, where we’re going, how we’re getting there and why it’s worth it are the foundation of success and the CEOs exclusive domain.


CEO training then is about creating a management operating system and learning how CEOs should spend their time. There are many alternatives beyond books. There are workshops, CEO coaches and CEO mastermind groups.  (CEO Mastery offers all of the above.) What’s certain is that training is essential for maximum CEO success and quality of life. 

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