You Business is Talking to You: What the Numbers are Saying

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Video transcript: hi this is brian at ceo mastery if you are an entrepreneur and you’re looking to break free go take your business to the next level be less hands-on which worked up to a point but now it’s time for hands-off empowering your people and building you know an operating system that allows you to go boom much bigger much more profitable then you’re in the right place ceomastery.com today i want to talk more about numbers okay you’ve probably heard me say this before but your business wants to talk to you it wants to tell you exactly what’s happening and exactly what you can do to grow it and be more successful it’s just waiting to tell you but unfortunately our business does not spell does not speak english it speaks numbers and so if we don’t give it a voice if we don’t have a lot of numbers that it can express to us then we don’t know what’s going on and we don’t know what what are the best decisions to make so that is an overall concept specifically today i want to talk about execution meaning are we doing things right now the the big six model that we have is based on the framework of right things done right and i talked more about that in other other videos but when you’re in the business of doing them right how do you know if you’re doing them right and these could be big things or little things could be monthly things or quarterly things or they could be day-to-day things so if you are able to measure what you’re doing the inputs departmentally kind of everywhere around the company and the outputs cause an effect if you’re able to measure those then you’re in a position to do something about them you’re in a position to improve things to stop doing things to doing more of something but you need the number to be able to make the improvement and in the beginning success is about finding a need and filling the need of the marketplace and growing the business but as it gets more competitive and you get your company gets bigger it becomes more of a game of inches it’s not just hey here’s this thing kind of works for you it’s we have to get it finely tuned and deliver it in a way that is exactly what you want so that game of inches needs uh detailed reporting in order for you to know where to make the adjustments and and how to make them but where to make them all right so be thinking about that because anything can be improved so we’re there we’re already let’s go and prove something well what are you going to improve well the thing that doesn’t you know the metrics show that it is not improving or that it’s not up to par so just be like a data beast i call myself a data hog uh more properly said information not just data information hog and why because it’s the information that shows you exactly how to win so be thinking about that be an information hog and i’ll i’ll see you later

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