The Big Six Bootcamp

$99 today, $595 prior to each of the 5 remaining sessions

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What You’ll Learn/Course Content

Attend The Big Six Bootcamp and spend 12 weeks building the management operating system that will transform how you run your company and dramatically increase your profits.



  • Strategy
  • Winning Culture
  • Vision (LT MT)
  • Driving Purpose
  • DNA Alignment



  • Strategic Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Operating Plan
  • Budget
  • Project Plans
  • OKRs  (Objectives and Key Results)



  • Organization Chart
  • Right People, Right Jobs
  • Coaching & Development
  • Right Hiring



  • Process Documentation SOPs
  • Train – X Train
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Improvement



  • KPI all-Company Flash Report
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Department Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Management Information System



  • Weekly Management Flash Meeting
  • Project Reviews
  • Intra/Inter Departmental Meetings
  • Financial Reviews
  • Strategy & All Company Meetings

How it Works

Course Curriculum 6
We walk you through the process every step of the way with a ton of live support because we’re committed to you completing the course and getting everything you can out of it. It’s a simple process where you have what you need at your fingertips. It only requires a little time and focused effort.
Business Information Problem

The Results

It’s a fact: You will grow your business and profits faster when you fully implement The Big Six.

$99 today, $595 prior to each of the 5 remaining sessions

The Big Six Bootcamp

Is this for me?

If you want your business to grow faster, more profitably and more smoothly, so that you don’t always have to be there to keep it going, then learn how to do what other successful companies do. Build a foundation of good business practices with the Big Six Bootcamp.

If you are in a place where…

…then you’re exactly the kind of CEO/Entrepreneur/COO we’ve been helping for 30+ years.

"Brian had a very big impact on our organization. He guided us through a program (incl. strategy execution, planning, reporting, process improvement, employee engagement) that significantly improved our overall effectiveness and financial performance."
Course Curriculum 7
John Crumpler
Chairman Southlight Healthcare
"Brian was extremely successful in putting in place a disciplined cross-company management system that changed the destiny of our uniform company. A big standing ovation goes out to Brian and his process!"
Course Curriculum 8
Michael Donner
CEO Barco Uniforms
“In the almost two years since I’ve worked with Brian my managed services business has grown over 50%. He is an exceptional teacher and his process is incredibly effective. If you want to grow professionally and personally this is definitely the way go."
Course Curriculum 9
Jason Gilbert
CEO ClearFuze
"Brian has proven beyond valuable in helping my company implement a powerful set of management practices that have significantly improved how we do things and the results we generate. On top of that, Brian’s CEO group serves as my private board of advisors - always present to assist in both personal and professional matters. We are a stronger, more profitable company because of the guidance and support we get from Brian and the group."
Course Curriculum 10
M. E.
"I am very thankful to Brian for helping our company and me through a difficult time and for bringing a higher level of business sophistication to our organization. With his guidance we established many new practices that led to a nearly doubling of revenues and profits. He is energetic, positive, personable, and professional. He can dream big, translate that dream into concrete steps, and then lead a team of people to reach their desired outcome."
John Crumpler Chairman Southlight Healthcare
J. C.
Chairman SouthLight, Inc.
“I had grown my furniture business successfully for several years, but was feeling stuck. I was referred to Brian who has been a tremendous help. His knowledge, experience, commitment, and enthusiasm have revitalized me and my business. Mostly he’s helped me address what “I didn’t know that I didn’t know” and to begin putting into place the foundational practices that make everything run more smoothly with less direct involvement from me. It’s exciting and I’m very grateful."
I. M. CEO Sunbeam Vintage, Mid Century Furniture
I. M.
CEO Sunbeam Vintage, Mid Century Furniture

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