“A business is only as good as its leaders.”

Key Executive Development Group 5

VISTAGE Key Exec Development Group


Is your company growing as fast as it can, but also safely and profitably? Can you take a month off and be confident that your business will continue operating safely and smoothly while you’re away? 

If you answered no to these questions then it’s time to look at upgrading your team. Yes,  getting your business running systematically using the Big6 process will do wonders.  But beyond that, you need a team of high-performing execs who think and lead strategically so they can help you when you’re there and fill in for you when you’re not. 

Do you have that team in place and are they 100% ready?   


Key Executive Development Group 6
When you think “ready”, think 3 levels:
  1. The Self – as in how confident, self aware and emotionally intelligent they are.  
  2. Management – how well they run their department, whether it be Sales, Operations, Finance, etc. 
  3. Leadership – whether they look at the whole company and take shared responsibility for its overall success. 

To see how “ready” your senior team is, fill in our quick Key Exec Readiness Assessment. Access it HERE or go to our website home page  You’ll find it eye opening.    

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You’re an accomplished manager. You’ve risen through the ranks and your goal is to continue growing both personally and professionally to become an even more valuable contributor and leader

The challenge is that most companies don’t offer many development opportunities

1:1 Coaching


Fortunately Vistage offers the Key Executive program, a proven solution that  meets the needs of both the CEO and their key execs. Every month, senior leaders from different companies gather together to learn with and from each other.  

   Here’s how it works:

  • This is a Los Angeles based group. 
  • Members meet once a month, in-person.  
  • The meetings are facilitated by the group Chair (Brian Kinahan).
  • Every meeting includes a 3-hour learning workshop:
    • Eight workshops are led by a professional speaker.
    • Four workshops are led by the group Chair. 
    • Topics are chosen to address the developmental needs of the group.  See “Directed Development” section below.
  • Every meeting includes “Issue Processing” where members access the combined experience and wisdom of the group to work through challenges and opportunities. 
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Key Executive Development Group 8

Q&A - Twice a week


The group Chair (the leader), the CEO and the Key Exec discuss development objectives at the onset so that the content of the meetings and speaker selection are directed at the members’ needs.  Then, every six months, the three meet to review progress and establish new objectives. 


The result is an increasingly capable senior exec who is learning, growing and feeling more committed to the company that is investing in their development – an important retention factor. And when multiple execs from the same company join a Key Group, the entire senior team becomes more united and more capable, together. 

For more information contact Brian at brian.kinahan@vistagechair.com.