CEO Best Practices: How Executives Manage Wearing Multiple Hats

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Video transcript: everybody I’m on the way to work this morning and looking forward to another coaching session with a client who works for a financial services business and you know last night I also had a great coaching session with a new CEO oh this is a very capable technician he’s in a marketing services company he’s really gone all out to learn how to do all the Amazon work and the Facebook work and web and all that good stuff and because of the way he sees the world and his maturity as a young man he was put into the position of CEO which means now he is responsible for most of the operational aspects of the business and here here we have a situation where he’s moving from a technician and if you’ve read the e-myth you’ll be familiar with this he’s going from a technician role to a manager role and there’s a bunch of little hurdles you have to get over in order to be able to do that successfully one of them is that you need to be aware of what your jobs are so if you make a little work chart and you put your name in the roles you’ll find that yeah you’re in the CEO o role but lo and behold you’re also in the taking photographs for Amazon role you are in the Facebook ad role you are in the Google pay-per-click role and it’s like oh my gosh okay so I’m wearing multiple hats here what do I do so I’m just gonna stop right here because the first is the awareness and after you listen to this if you’re motivated I hope you are go ahead and make an org chart by function not by name by function and go down a couple of layers of function don’t just say VP Marketing put in underneath that you know like marcom a head of marketing communications and maybe research those are those are two functions marketing communications and research then maybe I even under there you might put a couple of rolls to break it up a little bit then when you have that put names in all the positions and this is for also from the e-myth actually so you put names in all the positions and look to where see where your head name is so you don’t have to put all the names for this particular you know evolution from doer to manager you can just put yours in there and say oh okay so I actually do have my name in all these roles how am I going to work my way out so more on that next time go ahead and do that exercise it’s gonna be very revealing I guarantee it all right take care

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