CEO Best Practices: How to Handle Business Anxiety

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Video transcript: hey everybody I’m here at the office it’s Monday March 16 coronavirus is really taking taking our time and attention there’s nobody in my building except for me so I’m dressed kind of casually and just doing my thing a lot of my work I do online on Zoom video so that’s a good thing and I had my first of the first lesson in the big six boot camp that we’re running from March to June this morning and that went great so here I am now I wanted to talk about some of the fears that we all have about this coronavirus and what’s going to happen a lot of my clients have lost orders some of their customers have shut down their businesses you know hotels theme parks cruise ships schools that hits a lot of vendors and some of those vendors are my clients and so that’s a tough time now this anxiety and also fear for one’s health for one’s family can kind of get out of hand and there are lots of ways to approach it and I had quite a few discussions today with my clients about different techniques and as you may know I’m certified in the hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming so you can pull some techniques from there but one of them which one of my clients loves this whole notion of this this the man behind the curtain so as you all know from seeing the The Wizard of Oz there was this whole thing about Oz and about the city of Oz and about the wizard and how scary he was and had this big booming voice and all but when they finally got there and they pulled the curtain back the wizard was actually a very small fearful little man and in many of the same ways our fears are the same so when you’re afraid of something something some my irrational think it through and ask yourself what is really the worst could happen so the sequence I use is okay I say so then so then the the the economy is I mean we all have to stay home then what okay well then then I can’t go to the office okay then what well then I have to work for home then what then some of my clients stop ordering then what then I make less money in the next few months then what then what then what then what and then you get to the inn and just like yeah that’d be a pain but it’s not gonna kill me so so think about the man behind the curtain and maybe what’s really what’s really making you afraid if you are afraid or super anxious about something is really nothing the best way to do it as the Jim Collins says in this book from good to great is face the brutal facts don’t run from them face them and you’ll often realize that they’re not that bad so anyway I hope this is helpful good luck with the these strange times and I’ll catch you again soon bye bye

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