CEO Best Practices: How to Hire the RIGHT People

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Video transcript:

hey there so I just finished talking about that this is all under the heading of CEOs or CEO working them way up the org chart and making sure they get rid of those lower-level roles and how to do that and why to do that this particular short segments going to be about how do you find somebody for that role and I just want to emphasize a couple things I mentioned before that you can go on up work and find freelancers that’ll do just that what you need to do hopefully presumably it’s their specialty just for the amount of time you need so you don’t have to hire a full time person to do a part time job if you have two hours a day of something you can find somebody to do that for you so that’s up work the the important thing as you look for people may be more of a full-time basis is you want to you want to interview for two things or hire for two things one is of course skill and skill in many cases can be tested with you know if its technical online tests and other things so skill and experience it’s pretty easy to figure that out but the next question is fit and fit is the most important I would say most people don’t get fired because they can’t do the job most people don’t you know get fired or leave the company because they’re not a right fit so how do you come up with a good fit well first of all you need to have a set of values and I’ll do another recording on values but you have to have a clear set of values now values most people it’s kind of amorphous is like what is the value you know not stealing is that a value well well that’s a value but that’s really not what we’re talking about what we’re talking about besides the basic you know honesty and integrity and those things which is of course the price of entry into any role or into life for that matter it’s really about what’s important to you so in your business if if being very exact a lot of precision is very important than

is very important tight squeeze then you need to know that and then you need to be able to figure out if you’re if the person that you’re interviewing is thinks that’s important okay or if you think putting in extra hours being fully committed is very important then you don’t want somebody who necessarily loves to play racquetball and is is out of the office every day at 5:00 on the dot and so forth so be really clear on what your company values are what’s important to you that makes you successful your company successful and then interview for that so I’ll talk more about that subject but you know honestly you got to have aligned values you got to have a lion values and I’ll talk a lot more about that but thanks for listening and I’ll see you next time

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