CEO Mastery : Market Strategy

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Video transcript: hey this is brian at ceo mastery where we work with entrepreneurs who are getting out of the middle of the business to the front more hands off accelerate growth go to that next level 50 100 million whatever it is from maybe two five twenty million okay um i wanna talk with you today about market strategy all right so we all i’m gonna tell you something i think you’ll find that you kind of get it you already kind of know it but most companies don’t do it you know it’s the solution is hiding in plain sight so um what we want to do is you’ve heard me maybe say before the riches are in the niches what is a niche a niche is a small portion of a larger market right and so you want to identify what your niche is and your niche are prospects customers who basically want exactly what you do really well now i think of it in terms of colors so some prospects out there like orange green and yellow some prospects like silver gold and black some prospects like blue green and yellow right now maybe you are in the business of producing blue green and yellow and so when you find that market and you message to that market blue green and yellow that market will respond if any of the other markets who like black silver and gold hear it they’ll be like what i don’t know what that guy’s talking about and that’s a good thing because you give up being sort of interesting to everybody to being like fascinating to a small group of people prospects so how do you figure that out well you have to do some homework it’s not about just shotgunning everywhere because that’s really expensive time consuming and it doesn’t really yield much it’s about that narrowing it down and one way to do that is go to your existing customers and survey them one way to do that is with a net promoter score survey where they tell you how likely they are to refer you and that way you can tell who really appreciates you and your company and who doesn’t then you can say of those you might add two additional questions like hey what do we do well that you really appreciate and then maybe hey what do we do uh not so well that you wish we did better well you look at all the people who really think you’re doing a great job and like you and you identify what it is that they like about what your company does that is a huge huge leg up and then once you know that you basically kind of narrow down that niche you understand who that is and you start messaging so all your all your outbound digital marketing your website your emails your um your funnels and all the emails that go with that your adwords your facebook ads your groups whatever you’re doing on the implementations side whatever tools you’re using they’re messaging blue green and yellow and so the prospects go things like wow how do they know the conversation that’s actually going on in my head that’s amazing these people must be uh the right people for me and then when they research you they realize you’ve been doing blue green and yellow for a long freaking time and you have all these satisfied customers and you’re a specialist and a professional and they’re like this is amazing the sale is so much easier and it’s just better because it’s a match you’re not struggling they’re not struggling with the wrong matchup this is the right matchup so now you’re in the flow you’re just in a flow serving that customer all right so it’s about getting really clear on your little niche where you can be a big fish in a small pond uh it’s not that hard to do but so much so so much like everything that we teach at ceo mastery it’s the fundamentals they’re not hard just figure out what they are and do them and go sell a bunch of bunch of stuff go

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