Sales: Execution is Key

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Video transcript:

hi this is brian at ceo mastery where we help ceos and entrepreneurs business owners get out of the middle of their business to the front where they can lead be more hands-off and less hands-on i want to talk with you today about sales yes you have a great strategy yes you have some great sales plans and financial plans now it’s time to execute and this applies mostly to a larger sale a higher ticket item uh more kind of an enterprise sale where you’re selling a service or you’re selling uh i technology uh not necessarily uh you know 20 pizza retail so there’s really five things the first is build rapport with the person with whom you are speaking with the prospect uh find out what’s going on in their lives if you’re in their office look around what do you see uh you can go on linkedin and see if there’s some commonalities maybe you’re both you know philadelphia eagle fans god knows what so build some rapport find commonality that’s really people like that people buy from people that they like and we like people that we know and that we have something in common with so that’s number one two you’re not you’re not there to sell you don’t need the sale you want to help these people sales is a helping business and you want to help this person but you can’t help them if they don’t have a problem you know you don’t want to like a dentist you don’t want to fix the tooth if it doesn’t hurt right so do they have a problem so find out what the problem is why you’re in the room with them why they’re even talking to you and of course figure out what the pain is the extent of the pain the emotional pain uh the the financial pain the relationship pain um and um the time maybe uh pain the hours that are going out the window because they don’t have the proper solution all right so explore that then make a presentation or if you already have tie the presentation back into the specifics of what their pain is and the the kind of solution they’re looking for show how your product your service will take care of that how the features are lined up with what they need and if they aren’t lined up it’s not a good solution and okay move on don’t waste your time then after you’ve made the presentation find out the buying process okay find out if this person actually can make the decision find out if they need to ask other people do they have the budget do they not have the budget until three months from now the the the important thing here throughout this all is to ask and i find that a lot of sales people are afraid to ask because they don’t want to bug the prospect and they also don’t want to uh hear bad news so uh so you know we we avoid stuff like that stuff that makes us uncomfortable but the the secret here is the yeah the secret is the more you know the better off you are and if you really probe and ask these questions that builds a level of intimacy right you’re asking them about their pains you’re asking about their problems you’re not going in needing to sell anything you’re going in trying to help them and if you have that attitude it will the other person will feel it they will feel it and they’ll feel closer to you and then the fifth is ask for the order you know sometimes the customer just waiting for you to ask so if all the four other four steps have been put together and it’s the right time just say so can i write can i write up the order are you ready to go would you like to start right so those are five steps very basic steps build rapport understand the problem and the pain make a good presentation that fits if it does that fits um the fourth is find out and understand the buying process and the fifth is ask for the order and i promise you if you’re not doing that currently and you start doing that you will sell so much more and you will waste so much less time all right anyway i hope that helps and ceo mastery check it out ceomastery.com

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