CEO Mastery : Planning – How annual planning changes your destiny!

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Never Scaled A Business Before

Video transcript:

hey there it’s brian at ceo mastery where we help growing ceos be and do their absolute best and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years i want to talk with you today about a very important choice that you need to make at the moment it’s march yes the beginning of the year has passed and yet i know a lot of you smaller to mid-sized companies you don’t yet have an annual plan you don’t have a budget you don’t have a system for doing that and i just hope i want to give you a new angle on it that you will see it differently after this very short post and that you will go ahead and make it happen all big companies do planning why is that did they start at when they became big or are they big because they’ve always been planning i’m quite uncertain it’s the latter why is planning good and why does it work well a plan makes us look up and out and as we look off into the distance 12 months from now we set a goal and we figure hopefully we figure it’s 12 months from now we can do something extraordinary why grow 10 percent why not grow 30 percent and then we can work backwards and figure out how to do that so we’re looking up and out we’re not looking down and in circles just you know one day after the next no up and out and as human beings we go where we look whatever we’re looking at that’s where we go so let’s have you and your team looking at that destination all the time and you will just naturally be transported there two a plan gives us confidence why is that because a plan is broken down into steps into months into projects into milestones doesn’t have to be overly complicated but break it into pieces and when we look at the little pieces each one individually we think you know what i could probably do that we can get that thing done and it gives therefore confidence and when we believe something when we have confidence that we can do something we get it done that’s how we’re wired and then three it actually helps us get it done why is that because we look at each step we don’t look at the whole thing that’s overwhelming we look at the next step and then we apply our full concentration force energy attention resources on that step and we just we just manhandle that step right and then that’s done we go okay that’s great we go on to the next step so if we break it down little chunks and apply ourselves fully to each chunk we can nail each chunk one after the other and pretty soon we finished we come a long way we got it done we’ve meet we’ve met our goal we’ve exceeded our goal or almost met our goal but the heck we’ve done a lot better than had we not made a plan set a goal broken into steps and executed so planning is about dreaming about achieving it’s easy it’s exciting it’s predictable and most of all it works it absolutely works let the magic work for you okay so get your team together set an exciting vision of the year from now heck seti you’re a super exciting one for five years from now and work back but focus on this year break it down into steps work the plan and change the destiny of your business and if you need help reach out

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