Grit: How Relaxation Makes You Stronger When You Have to Dig Deep

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Video transcript:

hey there this is brian at ceo mastery i wanted to talk with you about grit grit and relaxation okay putting in the extra gritty energy and also kicking back and recharging you know what made me think of this is that uh documentary now on hbo max i think it is and it’s called tiger from tiger woods uh i i suggest you watch it it’s a little on the slow side for me you know they could have done it a little bit faster but there’s a couple of things that stand out um first of all you know he plays i think a couple of championship games with either a leg or a back or that is just completely crippling and it’s not like he has a half a hole to finish he’s got like six holes to finish and uh the guy is an unbelievable pain um and then afterwards goes to the hospital or something get fixed up but the point is he makes it happen he gets through it he just digs deep the moment calls for it and he makes it happen and that’s because he’s programmed that way his dad programmed him that way from the very beginning and um which is great i mean and that’s what we need to do sometimes we need to just dig dig deep deep and make it happen

on the other hand we also need to relax because if we’re always redlining it in our work then or our lives in general then we’re going to burn out so we have to not redline all the time and i think a lot of us do uh it may not be that superhuman effort all the time but it’s always a constant brain and so we need to relax and um in that tiger documentary of course tiger knows how to relax and um he gets in trouble for it and i think it’s partly because he’s so programmed and also because of his whole life experience i actually have a lot of sympathy for him that that was his way of just coping but anyway we don’t need to go to vegas and hang out with women and hot tubs and whatever but what we do need to do is find a way just to completely unplug we like to go to well i like to go to palm springs there’s something magical about palm springs you get there and it’s relaxed must be the air the i don’t know what it is but that’s a place where i can relax and just unplug maybe not work for a couple of days in a row oh my gosh it’s amazing and so think about that think about modulating your uh your energy flow and your uh energy consumption right so don’t be constantly redlining let’s go ahead and bring it down a little bit when times get rough and we need to put a lot in put a lot in if we have to pull a tiger uh a tiger trick put a bunch more in and make it happen and then come down to normal and recognize that even normal is tiring so then have times we go way down on the energy expenditure and and regroup huh think about that um and uh see if that doesn’t help all right catch you soon bye-bye

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