Focus On What Matters

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So much of success in business relies on focus and concentration.  It’s why our Big6 business operating system for successful entrepreneurs is based on the framework of “ right things done right”.   Notice it starts with “right things”.  Of course, there’s no point in doing things right if they’re not the right things. 

We worry about not having enough time.  But time is not the issue.  It’s what we do with the time we have.  And what we do with our time is a function of what we pay attention to. 

One of my favorite expressions is: “There’s never enough time to do everything but there’s always enough time to do the most important thing.”  I find it comforting to remind myself of that especially when I’m trying to do too much and feeling overwhelmed. 

It reminds me that my attention is what matters and that I have a measure of control over what I pay attention to.  The more I am able to ignore the noise and zone in on what matters the more my life improves and the better I feel.  

Meditation helps me do that because meditation is a practice of focused attention.  The more I am able to zone out the “noise” and take hold of my attention while meditating, the more I do it in my daily life with other matters. 

And it’s worth getting good at.  My business mind looks at it this way.  The best thing I can do to grow my business, profitably with less stress is to monitor my attention.  Money and time pay a return but nothing close to the return on attention

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