Think Donut for High Performance

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Putting out fires and plugging leaks in your business is a losing strategy – there’s no end.

Especially as your company grows, complexity increases and problems multiply.  

Instead of addressing the problem piecemeal, take a holistic approach and systematically go from reacting to attacking.

How? Understand that a business is People, Team and Process. Get them all tuned up, get them humming along together, and you’re unstoppable. 

Why? Because that’s how the universe is made. It’s how things work. And because most companies, including your competitors, don’t know it, don’t know how to do it or simply don’t bother.  Too bad for them.    

PEOPLE are the heart of your business; the core.  

To win, heck, sometimes just to survive, you need them to be their absolute best, or close to it. That means being skilled, productive and generating positive energy

TEAM is your people working together. 

Surprise … people don’t always get along.  Transparency, trust, candor, accountability, commitment to the greater cause; all of that matters. But it doesn’t just happen – it takes work. 

PROCESS is the glue that holds it all together – the mechanics.

In your business, process is best practices. Strategy, planning, hiring and coaching, reporting,  standard procedures and beyond. 

Think of a Swiss watch. All the gears in place and working together, smoothly and precisely. 

Actually, when I think of people, team and process, I often think of a donut. A glazed donut, specifically – shiny and sweet. The donut hole is people; the donut itself is the team and the glaze is the process

So yes, if you want to stop underperforming and getting beat up by customers and competitors, think donut and start eating away at the problem.  People, Team, Process.  Go!

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Fighting fires and plugging leaks never works.

And yet too many companies do it.

These are random acts of reactive management. 

That doesn’t work. In fact it’s dangerous.


Start taking charge. Go on the offensive. Attack. 

Adopt a more holistic view of your business. Think: people, team, process.  

Deliberately improve each one and get your business humming along in no time. 

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