Invest in Key Exec Readiness to Make More Money and Have More Time

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Let’s get real.  Can you take a month off, go radio silent, and be confident that your business will continue operating safely and smoothly while you’re away?  If not a month, how about 2 weeks?   If you said no, it’s time to take action.  

So how do you get there?  Installing a business operating system like the Big6 will take you much of the way.  But you need more. You need a team of key execs who think and lead strategically, even when you’re not around. 

Do you have that key team in place and are they ready now?   

When you think of key executive “readiness” think of 3 critical areas. First there’s The Self, as in how confident, self aware and emotionally intelligent they are.  Then there’s Management, how well they manage their departments, be it Sales, Operations, Finance, etc.  Lastly, and importantly, there’s Leadership.  Are they looking at the whole company and sharing responsibility for its success?  Do they think, act and lead strategically?   

Fill in our Key Exec Readiness Assessment to know where your team stands. Access it here or go to our website home page at ceomastery.com.  If you’re like most business owners and CEOs who have filled it in, you’ll find it eye opening.    

Most importantly, after you get the results, take decisive action. First make sure that each key exec has the capacity to be the leader you need them to be. Then look at where they scored low and begin formulating a development plan that includes education and opportunities to grow by learning from others inside the company, by getting a coach or by joining an outside peer group. 

The sad truth is that you will not achieve your ambitious goals and feel comfortable taking time off until you have a top notch key exec team. It won’t happen.  So get started on yours today! 

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