Time vs. Attention: Knowing the difference will impact your growth

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CEO Roundtables

Video transcript: hey everybody brian kennihan ceo mastery i wanted to talk with you today about a very fine yet very powerful distinction and that is between time and attention attention is basically what we focus on and that is paramount i could not agree more more energetically that is why the big six are our business operating system for entrepreneurs who are going from hands-on entrepreneur to hands-off owner leader bigger company more profits less stress and all that good stuff that’s why the big six operating system starts whether it’s based on the framework of right things done right it starts with right things because of course it makes no sense to pay attention to doing things right when they’re not the right things and that holds true in life and pretty much every minute of the day what are we paying attention to that determines the quality of our lives so don’t worry about time uh time will pass time and time wins okay but do remember this in this regard actually it’s my favorite sayings and that is there’s never enough time to do everything but there’s always enough time to do the most important thing what is the most important thing what are we paying attention to and that’s also strategy in our business what are we paying attention who in the marketplace are we out there paying attention to and to alignment how do we get everybody in our company to understand what it is that we should be paying attention to what are the right things strategically what are the right things that support uh strategy execution so it’s about attention it’s about focus and then of course concentration concentrating on that one way to really uh help improve our ability to pay attention to be thoughtful in what we focus on is to meditate so meditation is all about letting the scramble of our thoughts slowly dissipate and being able to um direct our attention to something or in some ways nothing right it’s hard at first but the more we’re able to do that in a relaxed manner it’s not a test that’s a meditation is not a test it’s just practice you know and when we wander off in our meditation thoughts we just begin again we come back but anyway it teaches us how to exercise that muscle of focus and attention among all the noise and static out there so attention versus time don’t worry about time just worry about what you’re paying attention to and all will be well be good

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