CEO Roundtables

$195.00 for 1 month


Building a Big Six foundational well-oiled machine is a definite game changer for any company. Beyond that there are two things a CEO must do to truly excel.  One is to be part of a CEO roundtable – your personal advisory board. . 


We host and facilitate monthly, 2-hour, online CEO roundtables (as well as Key Exec roundtables) where non-competing peers help each other solve problems, capitalize on opportunities and make generally better and faster decisions. 


Roundtables are also called Mastermind Groups which were introduced about 75 years ago by Napoleon Hill, author of the book, Think And Grow Rich but they’ve been around for centuries.  Benjamin Franklin was in one!


Mastermind groups are small, confidential, peer-to-peer groups guided by an experienced coach. They support you in reaching your goals more easily and much more quickly than if you were to go it alone.  Mastermind groups provide accountability, brainstorming, education and community. The group uses their collective experience and creative thinking to smash through obstacles easily and fast-track you to success.  Imagine a team behind you whose sole purpose is to support you in achieving your goals.


There are thousands of business mastermind groups across the globe (including Vistage groups like the one Brian also leads!) Why? Because they work.


For more information, read this Forbes article: 7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group


An excellent complement to being in the group is either 1:1 coaching sessions or The Big Six Bootcamp


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