5 Powers of A Sage

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5 Powers of A Sage 3

In order to achieve your highest potential you must harness the 5 powers of a sage according to Shirzad Chamine in the book ‘Positive Intelligence’:

1. Empathy: Understand yourself and others and the connection between you two. Empathy is being able to feel the connection between two people and the synthesis of their combined emotions.
2. Exploration: The knowledge and will to explore and to hold onto the information you’ve learned along your journey.
3. Innovation: Take something existing and make it better through increased awareness and perspective. Don’t reinvent the wheel but use it better and faster than the guy before you.
4. Navigation: Better tools to discern what comes at you, not going down negative paths that lead to bad places.
5. Activation: Awake the sleeping giant within you. Use the tools and motivation within you to make the absolute most of what you were given.

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